Scents of Tranquility

We all feel low from time to time. When I feel the blues I find aromatherapy to be a quick fix, an instant mood booster. Though it may be temporary but most of the times what we need, is few hours of serenity to calm the mind to brainstorm solutions and a relaxed state of mind helps us think better and panic less.

I personally found that aromatherapy calms my mind, lifts my mood and helps me deal with my anxiety and panic-attacks.

Beautiful scents immediately take us to a specific time in our lives. I like to describe it this way- scent takes us on a journey to nostalgia now it may be good or bad but, when a good memory associated with a scent comes to us it’s delightful to be taken on the trip of aromatherapy . A specific cologne or perfume can remind us a specific person, a specific place, specific memory from childhood etc.

Note: Only do this if you are not allergic to fragrance. If you are on medication or have a specific health condition, please consult a professional.

Here are a few truly calming scents perfect after a stressful day.

  1. Lavender

You knew this was coming, lavender is the first scent that comes to mind when we talk about aromatherapy. Lavender is believed to calm down the nerves and promote sleep. It can help with stress. Personally this scent works perfectly for me it sends me in a daze. It’s subtle but it works like sleep it slowly comes to you overpowers you and can make you feel calm. But it can be heady so, start slow with how much lavender you incorporate into your nighttime rituals.

2. Eucalyptus

Often used in balms and incense. It can promote relaxation, and help with a blocked nose and cold symptoms. Eucalyptus is quite strong so a little goes a long way. A lot of yoga studios use this during power yoga sessions.

3. Rose

Rose is the fragrance that most people have some memory with. A very common flower, a symbol of romance and beauty. So, if you’ve gotten a whiff of fresh roses on a beautiful day and it made you feel calm then, this would be a good choice. It can help with headaches and enhance mood.

4. Neroli

This is a bit rare because it’s such a specific scent that you may not have a memory with yet, however, it has a great relaxing scent that can help in enhancing mood. It is used a lot in spas and aromatherapy specific massages.

Blush Flowers-Photo by me.
Lavender From Canva

How to use these fragrances

  • The most common way is by using Essential oils and diffusers. Add 3-5 drops of essential oil and dilute it in two spoons of water pour it on the top of the oil burner and set the tealight candle inside. Slowly it will heat the oil and water solution and spread the scent in the room. This is the best way to start using aromatherapy as you can figure out from a distance if this works for you.
  • Perfume, wearing perfumes/colognes is a personal form of self expression but if you find a specific scent that really calms you down then you use perfumes or perfume oils.
  • Pillow Sprays, these are a bit more subtle and faint but spraying them on your pillow can create a very delicate sense of aroma. Ideally all natural/organic and clean pillow sprays are recommended. Like natural distilled waters with lavender/rose extracts. Because they are safer for the skin.
  • Candles are the most common accent in aromatherapy as they are easy to find, last long and look aesthetic as well.
  • Bath or shower products if you enjoy taking showers or baths before going to bed then soaps, shower gels, shampoos with calming scents can make your bath experience feel like a spa. But this isn’t great if your skin is allergic to fragrance but if not. It can definitely help.
Photographed by me at the Fragonard Museum in Paris.

Scents are personal and your senses will immediately tell you if you like something or not and if it works for you or not, as scents create an instant emotional reaction. Scents add a great feeling of personality and calmness to the home as well. We can all use calming down and any way that helps even a little with calmness is worth a try.

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