Best fragrances with Jasmine at their heart.

Jasmine is a beautiful flower that grows in tropical and subtropical regions. It has a very strong and heady scent making it a perfect accord to perfumes.

I get a warm, dizzy feeling with this scent, it feels like being in a late July daze. Because, it has a part in my childhood, I can recall summers filled with this scent in the south of India.

Every flower has its own symbolic significance. Jasmine has its symbolism rooted in romance, love, beauty and sensuality. These little flowers bloom at night. Perfumes that have very dominant jasmine notes are perfect to wear at night. It especially has the vibe of balmy summer evenings.

They are a great reminder of summer as they’re tropical flowers and they have a warm scent emanating the essence of summer heat, making their scent a sensual and cozy fragrance to wear in winters as well.

Here are 4 fragrances with prominent jasmine notes

  • J’adore by Christian Dior

This fragrance was made in 1999, it is very strong and heady and has Jasmine at its heart notes. It’s a feminine and sensual fragrance. There are several versions of J’adore including an Intense version.

  • Gabrielle Essence by Chanel

This fragrance came out in 2019 and it also has Jasmine as one of it’s heart notes, it gives a very warm feeling, its indescribable in how sensual it feels on wearing it on a gloomy day. It’s strong but delicate enough to wear it during day time as well.

  • L’Interdit by Givenchy

This fragrance was originally made in 1957 for Audrey Hepburn. It is noted in several fashion, history and cinema icon books that it was her signature scent. There have been several new versions of this fragrance.

  • Chanel N0.5

This is the most celebrated and popular fragrance. It came out in 1921 and is the most sold fragrance of all time and It has Jasmine at its heart. But this one is stronger than all other Jasmine fragrances. It’s very concentrated and is immediately recognizable and a very intense fragrance. A classic.

There are many other perfumes with jasmine notes, however, I find these particular ones to be the most sensual ones.

If you are someone not big on perfume but do love the smell of jasmine. Several natural essential oil roll-ons can be used instead.

Every perfume smells different on everyone -which one will you like the most will depend on your skin and your natural scent, but all these perfumes have an intense jasmine essence.

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