Nighttime Rituals for beginners

Rituals can be hard to stick to, it’s like you’re riding high when you first plan out your routine and then get demotivated to keep it up, as the stress of the day gets in the way.

But little rituals can bring such calm and tranquility if you stick with them. They are this moments of peace that you give yourself, something you reward yourself with each night.

Here are a few starter ideas for an easy ritual for anyone looking to start one.

  1. An hour and a half before going to bed wind up emails and social media habits. Light a candle and start getting ready to enter your zone of slumber.
  2. Dim the lights and put on some music, any kind of music that brings you peace-jazz, classical, folk whatever soothes you.
  3. Slip into something comfortable and carry out your nighttime rituals- brushing your teeth, taking off makeup or taking a shower, moisturizing etc.
  4. Make some chamomile tea, chamomile tea is an incredible nighttime tea, it has a very subtle aroma and doesn’t really taste like anything but chamomile is said to be a calming ingredient. Or have some red wine while listening to your calming music.
  5. When you finally lie down in bed, be grateful for at least one thing. Start slow be thankful for one thing and when you get into this habit start being grateful for at least 5 things in your life.
  6. Wish the sky goodnight with its waning or waxing moon.

I know this can seem like it’s a long routine but it isn’t it can be compressed all you need is 20 minutes, if you can’t find that much time you can do this in 10 minutes as well with 3 key elements. Turn off social media, have some water, and skincare that’s it if that’s all you have time for.

You can be grateful for at least one thing even as you’re dozing off, just whisper thanks..

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