Between two Valleys

A Poem by me

How can you remember me every time
Through the changes in seasons
And time, my spirit and my mind
The wind that caresses my skin
Has always been there for me
I feel free in a field of a thousand daisies
In the laps of the natural world
There is nothing to worry about
No one to think about
Just you and the whirlwind
Of thoughts and of
The sun and the wind
Every time I hear a shatter
Of my heart
You better believe
There’s always something to put it back together
That’s the art

Of all those things that breathe the clouds
Drink the rain
Live under the sun
Through the pain
They rejuvenate under the stars
We are all the same
If they can bloom time and time again
Why should I be so afraid?
Sometimes I feel a spark of a little doubt that starts in my fingers
It travels at the speed of light through my nerves
It turns into a fear then explodes into a panic
Its the oldest story of my childhood
But being suspended between two valleys

The scariest of the winds inspire me
And they don’t scare me they start a movement in my toes
And I know where this goes
The fear disappears
There is only a serenity
I have the natural energy

Around me
It sets me free
And it binds me

I’m always tethered to the ground
But my head is in the clouds.

(This is a poem that I wrote for my spoken word poetry podcast. Link in the menu. :D)

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