Ways to become one with nature .

Nature is a thriving prosperous entity all around us. And because it is always around us, at times we can get so deep in our own heads that we forget about the healing power of nature.

Nature can make our lives so much easier.

Just think about it when you see a beautiful sunset or a picture of a serene lake you always feel better. The beauty of nature is a universally delightful melody. And when we harmonize with nature, everything will start to make sense. Mother Nature has answers to all of our problems no matter how tiny or how grand they may be.

6 things to think about when you’re down

  1. You are heard and communicated with, at all times. (You just have to listen)
  2. Think of seasons, no rainy day lasts forever, so whatever is hurting you at the moment remember it will change it has to, by the eternal design of nature it has to, there can be no other way.
  3. Think of your favourite element, windy days, soft rain, beautiful ocean, sitting by a fireplace or walking in a forest. Just close your eyes and think about any of these scenarios whichever one makes you the most calm.
  4. Think of all the flowers that whither and the leaves that die and fall, they always come back, they always flourish again, so can you.
  5. Think of the summer, it never fails you, it will get you going there are always warm memories. Think of nature they’ll come rushing back and uplift your mood.
  6. Get inspired. Just walking in a park or wandering in a garden can bring out ideas that you never knew you had. And if you have an idea but don’t know how to go about it, nature will tell you, though her signs are subtle when you open yourself to this earth you will never again be oblivious to the forces.
In New Delhi, Photograph by me

Here are ways in which you can start to become one with nature.

  • Observe Nature even if it is for 10 minutes, go outside or look out your window and just observe, what is the colour of the sky today, is there sunshine? What do the trees look like today? Is it raining? What sounds do you hear? Can you hear birds chirping? Just observe.
  • Listen to Nature– listen to the different birdcalls throughout the day, if you live in a city like me it can be hard to listen to anything but traffic but every now and then, usually around 4 pm all the birds start singing and they are always singing at dawn. When you try and start to listen, soon your energy will align perfectly with nature and you won’t even have to consciously try, you will just hear nature in its glory.
  • Show Nature that you are no longer oblivious- Just touch a tree, look at the sky and walk in a park and respect your surrounding environment.
  • Add a little bit of Nature to your house- Buy a small plant that is fairly easy to care for, or add floral scents to your home, paintings, drawings or pictures of beautiful landscapes. Be aware of this beauty at all times. Keep reminding yourself so it becomes part of you.
Somewhere in Switzerland- Photograph by me

When you start aligning with nature, something in you will shift, a lightness, a form of heightened sensitivity and a greater appreciation of beauty. You will become grounded, calm and more creative.

It will ensure that your health is better, your mental state is more serene, your habits will improve and you will feel lighter. And when you become this way your vibrations will raise.

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”

Henry David Thoreau

“The Earth has music for those who listen.”

William Shakespeare

“Nature is imagination itself.”

William Blake

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