Signs you get from nature when your energy is shifting.

In a previous post “Ways to become one with nature” I wrote about the little changes you can make to be more connected with your surroundings to change your life.

To follow up on that, I thought “how do you now when you’ve entered that zone of divine connection? Is there a sign that tells you that you’re on the right path?”

Kind of…

When you get more aligned with the natural world, something shifts, it is very subtle at first, so subtle that you may not notice it. You may even feel that you’re not as connected as you’d like to be. You may feel there’s no way of knowing if you’re on the right track. So you may start looking for signs. And then there are some people who keep looking for signs and perceive every little thing to be a sign, I’ve been one of those people, trust me I’ve been the latter, it’s a pain. Don’t look for a sign in everything.

So, how do you know? Can you tell that your energy is shifting?

If I could describe it in one sentence it will be this: You will feel light, calm and more creative.

In short, you won’t have to look. You wouldn’t need to.

How to differentiate between a real sign vs. a “sign”

  • First of all, the signs from nature don’t feel like signs they feel like messages, they are much more than that, they are divine interventions that make you feel calm. CALM is the word. So if you feel anxious that something is a sign from nature, and that makes you panic, it isn’t a sign because a sign from nature needs to make you feel CALM to be qualified as a real sign.
  • If any thought makes you feel sad, angry, frustrated and afraid. That is not your intuition it is just a fear. Intuition is a force but has a lightness to it.
  • A divine sign is inspiring not demotivating.
  • If there is something you believe to be a sign, notice how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel passionate and energetic or does it make you feel demotivated? If it’s the latter then this is not a real sign from nature.

What are real signs like?

This is really hard to answer because they come in different ways to different people, but the underlying emotion is the same CALMESS. It can be a lightness that you wake up with, a good mood, something you desire beginning to materialize, your mind overflowing with ideas.

Signs are intuitions. Intuitions are not charged and they don’t unsettle you in the way fear does.

How to recognize an intuition?

  1. You need to remind yourself intuition does not scream at you in your head, it is subtle feeling in your gut and even when an intuition feel strong it still has a sense of calmness attached to it, it is just a moment of something “feeling right”.
  2. An intuition is a direct sign from nature. It has faith behind it.
  3. Intuitions don’t make you feel doubtful. They don’t make you judge things or make you feel confused.
  4. They are a green light

To be more intuitive you have to be connected with yourself and with nature and the more you connect with nature the more intuitions you will have. So it all comes full circle. 😀

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3 thoughts on “Signs you get from nature when your energy is shifting.

  1. Interesting perspective although I would say it all starts with knowing oneself and how one’s spirit is receptive to receiving “signs” or some form of guidance outside of ourselves, teachers or people. Signs are a deep intuition to me signs seem like a gut instinct and sometimes even if that sign is fear, or doubt or whatever it could still be a sign to do or to not do. I think it’s also about one’s outlook on life. I respect your views. You seem like someone who’d be interesting to converse with about such things and more.

    1. Yes of course like most things this is subjective. However I wrote this because I have seen people deal with this and personally dealt with perceiving every little thing as a sign! And in some cases it can stop you from going after what you want. It’s just what I believe to let fear not lead my life. So I thought I’d share. 😀 thanks for reading. 😊

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