Little ways to get out of those blues…

Do you know those days when we all feel out of ourselves, like we are just outside of everything looking in, in some way? BLUE, the Bluest of Blue. On those days there is this unexplainable sense of fatigue, sadness, boredom and most importantly numbness that we cannot get out. It’s the absolute mundane misery of being human.

But don’t get sad, because we all feel this way sometimes, there may never be an explanation for this ennui but you’re not alone.

Here are some things to do when you feel just jaded and numb.

  1. Drink Water- This seems like such a little simple thing to do. But, trust that it works, sometimes I can feel my brain rewiring from the numbness. You can feel refreshed and think clearly on what to do next.
  2. Go out get some fresh air- Perhaps we have been feeling this way lately because of lockdown, quarantine and all of the paranoia, I do not blame you it’s normal but going for a walk even a slow stroll down the street can rewire your brain, make you feel energetic and active.
  3. Dance- It may seem weird because when you feel lazy you have no energy/ desire to do anything, but dancing is a great way to get some happy hormones going. You don’t even have to dance well, nobody needs to see it. It’s for you. So turn on some truly corny pop music and dance away.( No judgements)
  4. Write down your feelings- Sometimes writing down how you feel can take the intensity of that negative feeling away. Think this- it’s out on the paper, It’s gone. It can help.
  5. Watch something hilarious- When I feel the blues I watch Laurel and Hardy or some strange but funny video of a squirrel on a jet-ski . Laughing instantly takes that numb and sad feeling away.
  6. Or just embrace the blues- I know it’s counterintuitive but sometimes just embracing the strange feeling can bring you some inspiration, some idea, some art you never knew you had in you.

I hope whatever blues you find yourself in right now, just tell yourself that it’s okay. Everything will be good.

P.S. If there are any creative ways you’ve found to take away those blues, please share… 🙂

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