Some not so traditional ways to meditate.

At some point we all tell ourselves that we should try the art of meditation. Or somebody tells us that we should give it a shot. “It will help with your anxiety.” “You’ll sleep better.” “You’ll fell better.” We’ve heard it all.

It may have been your new year’s resolution last year, that fell apart in the the third week of January. Maybe you tried taking a yoga class but it didn’t work out. People who teach and or practice meditation regularly always say “acknowledge the intrusive thoughts and then let them go.” While this is a good way to calm your mind it is easier said than done. It can be infuriating at first. So infuriating that you give up.

Maybe you feel that there’s something wrong with you that you can’t seem to turn off your mind. But there isn’t.

Meditation is subjective, it’s personal. It is nearly impossible for everyone to find meditation in the same way.

Just because you can’t follow the traditional meditation doesn’t mean that meditation won’t bless you with it’s power.

What is meditation?

In my opinion, it is a way to consciously escape the day-to-day drama by giving yourself some time to breathe, relax and get connected with yourself.

There are many ways to do this apart from the obvious way.

  1. Singing/ Listening to music

Music is meditation, getting lost in a melody that truly soothes you will take you back to the good days when your parents sang you lullabies. I find singing and/or listening to music distracts you from everything. It is transcendence in it’s essence. Also, you get less intrusive thoughts in your mind when you’re listening to the lyrics.

2. Reading

Beautiful writing, truly mesmerizing writing can take you to a different level of calmness. Be it poetry, short stories whatever.

Usually we meditate to forget some hurtful words people have said to us. When you just can’t seem to forget them replace them with some beautiful words.

3. Physical Exercise

I can’t find meditation while being still. I know that’s strange. But I find Yoga to be transcendental I mean physical yoga, that promotes flexibility, calmness and helps to manage stress hormones, weight etc. You can find meditation while you run, dance, walk, or even on a treadmill. Being engaged in physical activity can become a meditative experience when you truly enjoy it.

4. Listen to Podcasts

There is a treasure of podcasts online. There are incredible podcasts that recite poetry, read short stories/fables and fairytales or even explain philosophy. This is a great way to forget about your day and focus on something else.

5. Listen to some nature sounds

There are several podcasts, playlists and videos and audios online of nature sounds. Gentle rain, Ocean sounds, sounds of birds of rivers or of crackling fire. You can play these as you get in bed before you sleep. Listening to nature’s music is the best way to get some positive energy in your life. Beautiful nature sounds will soothe you. While giving a vibe that you are elsewhere- in a forest or on the beach or by a waterfall.

6. Hobbies/ Passions

The best way to meditate is to do the thing that makes you happy. Whatever it may be singing, writing, painting, pottery. Hobbies and passions are the most powerful way to forget about everything and just be peaceful. Because when you do the things you love you are focused on it and it’s like nothing else exists just you and your passion.

Meditation is just a way to get out of your head and into the sweet zone of transcendence. Anything that shifts your energy from anxiety to serenity is meditation. It will come to you in many ways, just recognize it.

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