Energetic scents to start the day with

Aromatherapy is a big part of my daily life. Whether you consider yourself to be into aromatherapy or not. You will still recall memories from your childhood the minute you get a whiff of a certain thing that reminds you of vacations, a specific person or a specific day.

You just feel calmer when there is an air of subtle, beautiful fragrance.

It can uplift your mood.

Note: Make sure you aren’t allergic to fragrances before involving aromatherapy into your life. Also start slow as too much and too heavy a fragrance can cause headaches in some people. Be subtle.

I wanted to follow-up on my post “Scents of Tranquility” while it is important to feel serene it is just as beneficial to feel energetic. These are some refreshing scents to start your day with.

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  • Citrus Scents

Orange– Oranges are equal parts sweet and fresh. A perfect reminder of energetic mornings. It will remind you of summer days.

Lemon– Lemon is an obvious choice. They are refreshing anytime any day.

Grapefruit– They are not an obvious choice because they do have a slight bitter scent and the smell less delightful than oranges, they are not for everyone but they are just as refreshing if you do enjoy grapefruit.

Bergamot– This one just screams REFRESH. It doesn’t smell sweet or bitter it’s just like a splash of freshness.

I find shower gels and bath products that smell of oranges, lemon or bergamot can instantly wake you and energize you in the shower.

Other ways to use these scents are essential oils and body mists/ perfume. Look for specifically summer scents, they are deeply vibrant and brimming with vitality.

Bergamot Photographed by me at the Fragonard Perfume Museum in Paris.
  • Peppermint

Peppermint, Spearmint, Mint, it’s cool and the taste of it can wake you. Most toothpastes contain minty flavours this is the first way to use this.

But you can mix peppermint essential oil with lemon essential oil to spread that cool aroma in your bedroom, while you’re doing your morning routines.

  • Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, look no further this will always do the trick the taste and the scent everything just hits your brain with hyper waves of energy.

Now that mornings have been strange due to lockdown, quarantine and many of you are working from home. Sometimes it can feel like there’s nothing to look forward to and you can feel low on energy and a bit upset and out of it.

These scents always rejuvenate me and I hope they do the same for you.

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