There is a power attached to feeling beautiful…..

Lock-down made everyone feel the same way- jaded and blue. Even now most people are working from home even if there isn’t a strict lock-down. You perhaps still feel bizarre in a way you can’t really describe.

There are little things that perhaps you miss, like getting all dressed up to go out, putting on make-up, doing your hair or just doing something for yourself that you feel there’s no point in doing right now.

But that isn’t true.

Pampering yourself has a sacred power that doesn’t need any reason to exist.You never need to justify your need to feel good. It should just be a part of your life- sun or rain.

Even while working from home you can trick your brain to feel like a lot is happening. You can trick yourself to feel that things are moving. You can do certain things everyday to feel like- there is movement, you are not stuck even if you are still.

If you feel lazy and unattractive and just jaded, just do this.

Get dressed up, do your hair and make yourself look exactly how you would make yourself look if you were going out. Making up yourself should be done for the sole purpose of feeling good and taking care of yourself. It is a personal ritual.

Photographed by me

There is a power to feeling beautiful. When you feel beautiful you attract beauty to your life in various forms.

Beauty that is deep, because beauty comes in many, many ways. The aesthetic and the spiritual. The skin deep and the profound.

Things you can do today to feel beautiful:

  • Get dressed up– I know that you don’t need material things to feel beautiful, however when you feel demotivated and just drained, a simple act of putting on lipstick or perfume/cologne can uplift you.

We shouldn’t be dependent on material beauty to feel beautiful, but if these things please you there’s nothing wrong with it. If wearing a great outfit makes you feel pretty-then do it.

  • Think about the last time you felt beautiful– What was it? Was it a special day, Birthday? or was it just a random Monday? Who were you with? Or were you alone? Was there a specific song playing? Were you wearing something specific?

Re-create it in some way.

You know when we misplace something and we have to retrace our steps to recall where we left it last, in order to find it? Happiness is similar it’s not gone it’s misplaced and to attract more happiness you need to retrace your steps to your happy moments and re-create it in little ways in order to find it again.

  • Embrace beauty in all forms – To feel beautiful you need more than just a great outfit. Look at some beautiful art online or some aesthetically pleasing videos. Take a walk and observe the most beautiful thing- nature, Listen to the music that makes you feel amazing, it could be a beautiful melody or just the most lovely lyrics. There is beauty everywhere in and out.
Photographed by me
  • Embrace spiritual beauty– To heighten the power of beauty, embrace the spiritual beauty. Think of the most beautiful thoughts and ideas you’ve ever had. Read beautiful literary works, find spirituality in just being you and being present.Tell yourself nice things, Relax and take deep breaths and tell yourself that you appreciate, invite and deserve beauty in its entirety.

wherever you are I’m telling you the following:

You are Beautiful!

Photographed by me

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