Poetic Meditations #1 : A Misty Evening


sleep tenderly in this imagery:

There’s a vacant road you’re walking on

it leads to everything you could ever want

This ground you feel supporting your feet

is taking you there.

Imagine a beautiful road, empty, silent, foggy

there’s a mist in the air, cloudy skies

The trees line your path

they’ve lost all their leaves

But there’s not a thing to worry about here

You’re entwined now

in an atmosphere of calm, serene skies

There’s a fog, there’s a mist, a drizzle too

but you’re not cold, not at all

you’re free to dance as you please

there’s nobody there, nobody in between.

Just the trees and the soft wind

a petrichor, an ethereal daze

There’s nobody there nobody in between

you’re free to sing as loud as you’d please.

See yourself dancing under heavenly skies

in an atmosphere this beautiful how can you not smile?

The soft wind whispers in your ear “you’re safe here”

the light drizzle kisses your skin

this is your moment, an interlude

a little time to yourself

a little waltz for an evening.

There’s nobody there just you and all your loveliness

there’s nobody in between

you and your happiness

You’re free to do as you please.

you’re free to be who you are.


This poem was written for you. I want you to imagine yourself like this. Keep good vibrations in your heart, read, visualize. And I hope you sleep well tonight. Sweet Dreams.

I’m going to post poetic meditations every now and then, my intention is to transport you, so you can forget everything for a little while, and feed your imagination. I really hope you like it and it helps you in some way. Wherever you may be. Thanks for reading.

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