Here’s an idea – Keep a Beauty Journal.

There’s a habit that I have recently started that I feel can benefit many people. I didn’t start this with the intention of making it a habit. I just did this to try to teach myself how to think more positively. And it started to make me feel better, so now I’m turning this into a habit.

I call it Beauty Journaling.

You all have heard of journaling, people write their fears and anxieties down to get ahead of them to gain some power over them, some people write gratitude journals to incorporate the positive routine of being grateful.

Maybe you’ve done it maybe you haven’t.

Journaling is just keeping a log of important things, feelings. I started to keep a notebook that I call a beauty journal. It’s not a vanity thing.

Basically every night I decided to either write or say out loud ‘five things that I found beautiful today.’

At first I didn’t know what to write so I started with simple things, I would write something like this:

These are the things I found beautiful today:

The birds chirping in the morning outside my window, the warmth I felt in my bed while listening to them. I went for a walk and I saw a beautiful sunset. I photographed the changing colour of the sky. It was orange, then pink, then purple, then dark. I listened to a beautiful song today, that I’ve never heard before. I watched a lovely film today that touched me.

These are just simple things. But as soon as I wrote them down and said them out loud. I felt positive, calm and happy. So I kept doing it. And the more I kept doing it the more beauty I saw in the little things and the big things.

Beauty is in the air. Morning Sky Photographed by Me.

The more I acknowledged the beauty that exists, the more I observed it and made a note of it. The more beauty I found. The more beautiful ideas, thoughts, feelings I found within me.

The Idea behind Beauty Journaling:

What we choose to focus on keeps coming to us in various ways. If you choose to focus on your fears, those thoughts will keep coming back, overpowering you and discouraging you from following your dreams and making you feel miserable.

Fear is a normal part of life, it isn’t easy to be fearless. I get that- saying don’t focus on your fears is easier said than done. But it can be done. It’s hard to just pick fear up and throw it out of your life. But it is possible to not give fear so much power.

If you can focus on things or teach yourself to focus on things that you find beautiful, motivating, positive. You will feel encouraged, vibrant and one day fearless. Perhaps I’m idealizing things but it is worth a shot, if nothing else.

By focusing on beauty, (and I don’t mean material beauty) you will be shifting your energy from the negative to the positive. Therefore, making room in your life for more beauty to take place. welcoming more happiness. It is kind of like de-cluttering. When you throw out jaded, unwanted things you have more space to fill up with new things.

After a while there are emotions that are just toxic and are not doing you any good. Like all the clutter taking up space. Why keep them?

I can see this happening to me. My brain became so inclined to thinking negative that I couldn’t say a positive word . But I’m teaching myself how to change that, to rewire my mind. To truly write and say lovely things.

By focusing on beauty you’re sending a message to the universe that you are ready to accept beauty, that you see it and you appreciate it. It’s this shift that is necessary for a lifestyle change, a positive mind, a happy life.

You can find beauty anywhere. All of us do. But sometimes we are unaware of it because we are only focusing on our fears.

If you focus on beauty, you will start seeing it more. It will get pulled to you like a magnet.

If you are doubtful about what to write start with little things. Beauty is in what we see but also in how we feel. Beauty is in a perfume, a melody, a word, a sunrise, a feeling, a thought etc.

This is like a gratitude journal but is easier than that. You are just writing, just noticing loveliness. That’s it. When you do this you will start feeling grateful. So it is like a first step.

It was hard for me to practice gratitude before. So I started with this. And seeing and feeling so many pretty things made me feel grateful.

I hope this will be helpful to you in some way. Everyone deserves to feel happy and beautiful.

Good Vibes.



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