Poetic Meditations #2: A Snowy Afternoon Spent in Warmth


warm your soul in this imagery:

It’s the afternoon on the dot

all of a sudden everything’s come to a halt

This morning that just ended was one of those cold blazing

winter mornings, but It’s the afternoon now

an afternoon frosted in white

A picture painted in cotton, a landscape so cold to touch

if you step outside it will make you blush

the deepest red.

It’s been a cold year, the coldest in a while,

so we’re going to stay inside.

Put on a record that sings the tunes of winter

pour some wine and just sit for a while

Picture yourself calm and serene,

draped in cashmere,

curled up in a haven.

Repeat these words…

“It’s been a cold winter, the coldest in a while

but the love in my heart survived”

Everything outside is still, the sparkles in the snow glisten

the winds are performing a dance, listen!

wild and ferocious, but graceful nonetheless

Everything is freezing but not you, you still have so much love and so many dreams

to hold on to.

You are warm in your soul

Warm in your heart

You breathe in deeply

You are about to start,

a new year, in the blink of an eye

and as this snowy day comes to an end

breathe in the dreams that you hold

and repeat these words…..

It was the coldest year, coldest in a while

but I still have love,

and the warmth in my life survived.”


This is for you, wherever you may be. Have a cozy winter, imagine yourself this way, read and visualize. I hope you sleep well tonight. Seasons Greetings.

With Love.


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