Reveries #1 : The Gothic Library

This is a series of posts I’m starting. Reveries I welcome you to come with me to atmospheric imaginative adventures. To escape, To visualize, To read and to relax or just to experience something different. I hope they interest you and I hope you enjoy reading them. Thank You.

My only suggestion is to Imagine yourself as the I in the story.

#1.The Gothic Library

It’s the afternoon in a Victorian Mansion, facing a scenic beauty, but I cannot touch the scenery for it is too cold and lonely. It’s one of those days, grey, foggy, rainy, stormy. All rolled into a million shades of winter. I’m here feeling blue in my solitude.

The fire is burning, warm and cozy. The crackling of the fire breaks my reverie. I feel jaded in this weather, it happens this time of the year. So I take my feet to the library upstairs, I can’t go anywhere so might as well travel in some way. Maybe I’ll go to France, to Versailles in it’s prime, or to the Roman times. Maybe I’ll take to the sea, while I read the accounts of those seafarers, explorers and sailors.

Isn’t it wild that there was a time when people didn’t really know how big this world really is?

It’s small to us. It’s easy and predictable. I can travel better and faster than them. Yet I am just like those characters, just like those writers and poets, forever writing and thinking about things nobody knows the answers to. My life is a story just like everybody’s life.

In this atmosphere I can’t do anything else. So, I dance around for a while…….

The lightning strikes outside, it starts to rain down, like there’s a waterfall cascading down the sky. The cloud bursts and I’m startled, I feel like my heart just skipped a beat. Believe it or not I love those little moments of being startled, they have this energy, that makes me feel alive.

So, I pick a book about philosophy. And play Erik Satie, I’m creating an ambience now, a place to reflect on the questions nobody knows the answers to. Yet we ask, and we will forever keep asking. And, by the time the pale shadow of the sun sets I will too have no answers, none at all.

So I think, because our minds are our only true irreplaceable asset. I always kept thinking because I thought that, that was the only way to grow. But I thought to the brink of losing my vessel completely. It’s time to take a break for 10 minutes or so. To get lost in somebody else’s poem, somebody else’s melody. I need that.

I thought to the point of breaking. I thought so much that I needed a vacation to escape the thinking. And now that I’m in this library of thoughts, of other people’s art. I can sit here for a while, read some other’s verse, rewire my own mind. Because I have much to write, much to sing when I leave this library.

-Anshudha Garimella

Note: I got the idea of this, as I was overthinking about things and reading a poem just rewired my brain, it helped me get out of my doubts and relax a little. I’m sure you’ve all had an experience like that, reading something you just couldn’t put down. Something that transported you and made you feel better. : D

I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading. : D

*featured image from Canva free media.

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