Reveries #2 : The Cabin in the Woods

Note: Imagine yourself as the I in the story.

#2.The Cabin in the Woods

I always enjoyed fairy-tales, not for the happy ever after, or the prince, but for the enchanting aesthetic of nature, castles, the friendship those princesses had with creatures of the woods, the birds, the deer etc.

The best part of a fairy-tale isn’t even hard to live out. I have lived it out before and can do it so many more times.

Often when I want to be taken on this reverie, I fall into a rabbit hole of imagery.

I picture this little story right here.

I’m in a cabin in the woods, quaint and hidden. It’s cozy and warm in here. There are beautiful rosewood floors, windows overlooking a little haven- a pretty little lake, flowing to become a river somewhere down the line. When the sun shines bright at noon, the leaves and branches outside cast dancing shadows on my window. I’m sitting by the window sill and the shadows of the leaves cast their impression on my skin.

I can do anything here, I have a forest of dreams. I feel at one with nature. This is my fairy-tale, to me fairy-tales were never about other people, they were about the protagonist being at liberty to explore her life, her dreams. Here, I’m at liberty to do as I please, I’m as free as a bird.

The sun is sparkling so lovely today, creating little glittering ripples in the stream.

Sparkling waters Photographed by me

So, I go outside and just sit by the lake, calm and serene. I can walk around in these woods and follow the sun streaming through the trees. It’s this little interlude that I desperately need. Often in my reveries I’m singing by the water, watching the sun shine, the birds fly and the fishes swim. Everything in this spot right here is designed perfectly. When this reverie is over I will still have this memory. When I wake up from my dream, I know this is not just a dream. Those quaint spots on this earth are set to perfection and they will always be that way, perfect under the sun. Why would I need anybody to come and rescue me from this?

-Anshudha Garimella

I hope you enjoyed reading it. đŸ˜€

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