How To Find Your Element….

The views in this article and beliefs are my own. My intention is to share my thoughts and I hope they help those who read this.

Nature is everything to me, it is divine energy that is my guiding light. I feel now more than ever that we need guidance. Now that the world is a bit out of proportion with our desired lifestyle, the only thing to do is to reconnect with the people and things and hobbies and passions we hold dearest.

I believe that every single person has a leading element, I do not mean the element denoted in astrology, sun-signs, moon-signs etc. An element separate from all that you have been told about yourself, a core divine vortex of energy that lies in everyone and guides everyone from deep within.

In most mythologies and religions there are four elements Air, Water, Fire, Earth. We can’t go a single day without experiencing these forces. The air that we breathe, the ground that we walk on, the water we consume and the fire that gives us warmth, we are never without them, we are always governed by them, each day.

However, it is my personal belief that there is one element in each of us that pulls us harder, with greater force towards its divinity, towards it’s actions, towards its nature and its course. Ever since I found my element I have been more sure of myself, more inspired, more free.

How to find your element?

Sky Photographed by me.
  • Meditate with the sounds of elements

The first thing to do is; for a few days, either first thing in the morning or before going to bed is to meditate to the sounds of elements. Pick one element at first for example if you pick Air – find sounds online sounds of soft breeze, loud winds, violent storms. Close your eyes and listen to your air element in all it’s glory and every facet of it. The cam and the ferocious. Breathe deeply and imagine windy nights, stormy days or a calm spring breeze, add your imagination to it, your personal memories that stand out. What do you hear? Twigs fluttering, Windows closing, leaves blowing, how does it make you feel? Write it down. Do you feel calm, serene, tranquil, supported or do you feel fine but indifferent? Note down the feeling after each element meditation, repeat this a few times with each of the elements.

Now it is important to remember that all elements are beautiful and calming in their own way and nature lovers won’t really differentiate. However, when you hear a specific element and all your childhood memories, calming energy, inspiration comes rushing to you, it has a special significance just for you.

  • Visualization

Visualize yourself on the beach, by a river, in a storm, by a crackling fireplace and walking barefoot in a forest. Which imagery brings you the most peace? Is it Water? FireEarthAir? Which imagery makes you feel the most grounded in your mind? body? in your soul? Connect with that element is it fire that gives you the most serenity? Write it down, you don’t need to know why you feel the way you feel. When you feel certain about your calmness, read about the element that you believe keeps you most grounded. Write down how you feel.

Ripples in water Photographed by me.
  • Get in touch with all the elements

Walk in the park, notice the plants, the grass, touch the trees. How do you feel in water? swimming, bathing etc. Do you like to watch the flames? Do you like windy days? Get in touch with all of these senses if possible. See which one of these elements comes up most in the music you like, in the movies you enjoy, in the books you read!

From Canva.
  • Practice the core elemental values

Write down in a journal about the desires and emotions you seek to feel, the experiences that illuminate you the most. What do you seek in life right now? Stability, Adventure, Fluid movement, Different experiences, Surprises, Freedom?

If you feel lost and you don’t feel grounded and stability is what you seek the most. Then as per your Earth element I would suggest take more walks, sit in parks, meditate learn the art of stillness, practice slow yoga and focus on holding yoga poses learn balance to truly learn what it would feel like to be stable.

Photographed by me.

If you seek adventure you have a burning desire to find new things in life then as per your Fire element pick up hobbies that set you ablaze but if you don’t know what your hobbies are yet pick up free hand sketching, painting or a sport, go for a run, learn what adrenaline feels like at its peak.

If you seek freedom at your own pace, meaning you want to be free but also grounded and not overwhelmed, if you want to feel light and free then as per your Air element make changes to your lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping habits, incorporate more exercise. Let go of anything and everything that makes you feel heavy in your heart. Let go of anything that stops your movement that hinders your tranquility. I would also suggest to occasionally feed grains to birds. They know what its like to be free and stable.

If you feel like you desire movement above all you want to be free flowing energy, you want to be fluid you want to be different things, you want to be a multi-tasker you want to take risks. Then as per your Water element imagine what it would be like to plunge into the risks, dive into water, learn what it means to be truly open, shapeless, a free-spirit. Take up dancing, gain control over your body with expressive dancing, power-yoga, Pilates, and any other form of movement that pushes the boundary of your flexibility, take control of your voice take up singing, learn an instrument, drink more water, take relaxing baths/showers. Let go of all your limiting rigid beliefs, move with the time always be new. Always be fluid and flexible, try different things all the time.

  • Keep Practicing, don’t give up

These beliefs set me free. At first, it can sound all too surreal, but that is what nature is. After you feel like you’ve found your element, practice the meditations, hobbies, exercises, journaling, do all that, which brings you closer to your element. When you feel like your element has begun guiding you, aim to be the element in human form. There are beautiful forces guiding us even when we lose perspective and when things seem blurry that’s when they are the strongest to help us out of whatever state we’re in and transform our lives into the better. All elements have both a light side and a dark side it is our job to understand them and keep then in balance by focusing on the good facets of the elements and learning to bring them out.

Thanks for reading. 😀

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