How to keep your element on the right track….

Note: These thoughts are my own beliefs and my intention is just to share them.

So, I just posted a post prior to this called “How to find your element….” in which I talk about how I believe that, out of the four core elements there is one main guiding element in us which resonates with our higher self and guides us to be our true self.

Air, Water, Fire, Earth are all important and inherently divine. But the elements inside of us, our guiding element has both light and shadow sides. It is in our best interest to keep an equilibrium and find lighter sides and to learn to deal with shadow sides.

What I mean by this: I have always felt that if there is an element guiding me it has to be Water, it’s the one I feel like the most, not because my sun-sign is Pisces, but because I have a deep love for the sea, most of my poems and songs are about the ocean, my happiest moments have been on the beach. Water is divine to me. I relate to it the most. Its wavering serenity, its moments of ferociousness, its depth. It is what I am.

And while water is ever flowing, fluid movement, free, energetic, vital and graceful. It is also, unpredictable, rough, frightening and spills all over the place perfectly symbolizing my emotional instability at times, and hypersensitivity to feelings which leaves me at times, scattered, not knowing how to control them.

It got me thinking that this shadow aspect of water element stops me from bringing out the best parts of it to light. Leaving me restless.

I want to bring it to an equilibrium to a calm flowing energy that is in perfect harmony and control.

You also probably know about the rougher parts of your personality. The parts that keep you from being who you truly want to be and the best version of you that you could be.

We all know those people who could control their tempers, those who should take more risks, those who should be more self-confident, those who could be more gentle and kind, those who should be more vocal about their needs.

If you resonate with fire then the only way to avoid the temper of fire, is to focus on trying to be a warm person. Trying to be passionate but not aggressive, adventurous but not impulsive. Carefree but cautious, energetic but with a warmth to it. Every time you feel angry take a deep breath and take a time-out.

If you resonate with air then you should avoid being very idealistic and always aiming for perfection. The lighter sides of air are incredible traits to have, like being creative, full of energy and lightness. Best air traits are to be free but not rigid, light and laid back. When you find yourself being harsh on yourself for not doing something perfectly just focus on the creative aspect of your task because creativity and art doesn’t need to be perfect.

If you resonate with earth then it’s important to know that it’s not always good to play it safe. To have a truly full life there needs to be a grounded attitude, yes, but also adventure. It can be freeing to take risks, to not be afraid, to not be constricted to just one place in life. It is important to try new things. Take up a new hobby or activity and always try new things.

If you resonate with water then it is really important to spend time doing things that keep you calm and centered. Water is creative, passionate, sensual, fluid and free-spirit. But it is deep and can be scary. It can be unstable and wild. It is really important to find creative ways to learn how to balance emotions. It is important to share your feelings to get a better perspective on it. It is important to learn calming practices like meditation. You want to be creative and sensual, passionate and sensitive and artistic but not overly emotional, lonely and detached from the rest of the world.

All this being said, of course all of us have a little bit of every element. And keeping our guiding elements in equilibrium will help us to keep our entire being on the right track. Therefore, teaching us how to be a lively and happy soul.

Because at the end of the day a person that makes us happy will always be warm, considerate, sensitive, creative, grounded, laid-back , passionate, loving and adventurous.

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Thanks


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