Let’s change our lives, who wants to join?

Yesterday I had a familiar feeling that “My life is in my hands and I’m gonna change it.” However, I’ve been down this road before I say this and my anxiety gets the best of me and I go back to the start. But yesterday was different. After 2020 I’m willing to be who I always wanted to be.

I bet that’s a thought that has crossed your mind too. Wherever you are reading from I bet there’s a person inside of you that you know you could be, a destined amazing self. You’d have become that person already if it wasn’t for all those inane voices that tell us we’re not good enough.

I personally am not one, who prefers sharing personal details of my spiritual journey or my anxiety but this time around I feel it might actually help someone, somebody who reminds me of my anxious self and I would really like to help that person. Now I’m not actually going to talk about my anxiety here, I’m going to talk about the things I’m doing differently this time around and I’d really love it if you could join me to be our best selves.

So here’s what I’m going to do. And I encourage you to try it.

1. Be gentle with yourself. Gentle in the way we talk, we walk, we handle situations and especially gentle in the way we speak to ourselves. I always admired those people who had a lightness to themselves who reminded me of the free-spirit of a bird. So let’s start with being gentle in our stride, actions and words to the point that it calms everyone around you and raises your vibration.

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2. Give yourself a compliment each day. I am not one who ever does this. But I’m going to try. All of us deserve some words of kindness each day.

3. Give somebody a compliment. – there are so many nasty words people say to each other and make each other feel worthless. And it’s true we never forget the insults but we can replace them by focussing on compliments. Everytime a past insult comes to me I am now going to remember the good that people have said too. It’s the only way to finally be set free of the hurtful words.

4. Meditate everyday. Meditation is hard and seems to not work but it comes in many ways. Next time you feel overwhelmed put on a soothing song and close your eyes. Let’s start with that. And build our way to traditional meditation. The only thing we need to do to get better is to change our mind and perspective. It takes work but that doesn’t mean that the work needs to be boring. We can find exciting ways to meditate. Paint, dance, sing, run anything that gets you out of your head and into your heart.

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5. Getting in touch with our surroundings.- gentleness and kindness comes with being aware of everything that lives and flourishes around us. We can do this by watering plants, gardening, feeding birds. Going for walks is a great way to notice. Just notice.

Park G├╝ell, Barcelona photographed by me.

6. Notice and appreciate the little things. Notice sunshine, rain, clouds, birdcalls, sounds of the city.

Sunshine pouring through the trees to come and greet me. Photographed by me.

7. Take a mental image of beauty in whichever form it shows up to you today. Beauty of the weather, beauty of nature, beauty of a person and especially beauty in ourselves.

8. Gratitude. This has to be a part of our lives. We spend so much of our time complaining about nonsense. No judgements I do it too. But I’m also trying to be grateful because there is a lot to be grateful for always. Write down your gratitude.

2020 has taught me this. We are just one second in this universe. And it is our duty to not waste it. To be happy and to let ourselves be happy. To feel like we are entitled to smiles and that we deserve love and happiness.

I hope you will try this with me. Here’s to hoping and creating a better 2021.

Share your thoughts with me. In the comments. Until then- you are amazing and have an awesome day. Lots of love

– anshudha garimella

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