Create your own rituals.

Note: these thoughts are my opinions and I mean no offense to anyone.

I love reading about lifestyle but it also bothers me. There are so many conflicting views people share online. It used to drive me crazy and confuse me with doubts and questions and fear. The thing about the lifestyle industry is that it is an important topic and it is also so easy to corrupt such a pure concept. I’m not saying it’s all bad. Of course not. There are good things about lifestyle websites. Great things that I have learnt from lifestyle blogs. But there is also some general advice that may not work for everyone. Sometimes even harmful advice.

It is such a pure concept- selfcare and self-healing. It is meant to be personal and different to everyone’s needs.

There are so many fads and “cures” people write about everyday. And I too have been prey to the new trends. From crazy skincare routines to insanely impractical and unhealthy diets.

It was the moment I decided I’ve had enough of online advice when I turned everything around.

I decided that every time I read something I want to try I will consult a health professional to check if it is a good fit for me.

I created my own rituals that helped me with my anxiety. I picked exercises that I enjoy and which work for me. And I chose to eat balanced and healthy. It is simple to have a healthy lifestyle providing you understand your current lifestyle and the changes you need to make to make your lifestyle better. It is also important to consult actual expert professionals who know your health better than online “experts”.

Here are things I did that I would like to share.

  1. Consult doctors, mental health professionals, nutritionists etc.
  2. Start slow. Give yourself enough time to notice if your new workout or diet is actually working for you.
  3. When in doubt. Consult a professional.
  4. Pick workouts that you really enjoy. Have a balanced diet based on the needs of your body and mind.
  5. Create little rituals. Your rituals that bring you peace. Whatever they may be.
  6. Don’t let anyone stop or slow down your journey to a better you.

Everyone is different. Everybody’s body and health requires different things. No one cure, can cure everything. Every life is unique and every lifestyle change should be suited perfectly to your needs. You deserve to feel great.

And with that, have a great week. Take care. 😀


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