The Importance of Little Pleasures in Life….

I’ve only recently begun to learn to not apologize for the things that make me happy. I don’t know why we do this. But we do. We apologize constantly either with words or with guilt for things that make us happy.

Maybe it’s because sometimes we feel guilty for being happy or calm because some strange voice in our heads is telling us we don’t deserve it. Or perhaps some society pressure that makes us feel that we need to earn happiness through struggle. But we don’t. Everyone deserves to be happy. And nobody owes any explanation to anyone for things that make us smile.

Perhaps sometimes you feel that if you cry enough one day you’ll feel deserving of happiness but that’s not true you always deserve happiness. Always.

Everybody has little things, little pleasures in their lives that make them smile. Like watching the sunrise, stopping to smell a rose, smelling fresh coffee in the morning, dancing to that one song or wearing that one outfit that makes you feel great.

No matter how unnecessary it seems to other people, if your rituals make you happy. then they are important.

I have those little pleasures too. That at times people told me, were pointless. And sure enough that inane message got stuck in my head and I started apologizing continuously.

But I’m learning to change that silly compulsion of apologizing for things that make my day.

Here’s what I want to suggest for today:

Write down your little pleasures. Describe why they make you feel happy. And don’t apologize just embrace them. They’re yours. They exist to make you happy.

When we enjoy the little things in life. I believe it raises our vibration therefore making our aura more positive and more receiving to happiness and joy.

When we are happy we can spread that joy and be a calmer presence in other people’s lives. We can give more and help more. So why deny yourself the daily happiness?

You deserve it.

Take care.


*Featured Image photographed by Me.

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