Things I’ve learnt from Flowers….

Nature has much to teach us. In every element, every sunrise, every twilight.

I’m a great lover of nature. I learn something from it everyday. It will forever be my greatest inspiration.

I miss flowers the most now as things are not yet in bloom. And there’s still some time.

Photographed by Me.

I love flowers and often read about different flowers’ different symbolism.

Here are a few things we can all learn from flowers:

  1. To be gentle but strong– I always saw my hypersensitivity as a curse but it isn’t. There is strength in feeling things very deeply. To all the sensitive souls reading . Strength isn’t just one thing. There are various forms of strength. Even the most fragile flowers have their strength. Find yours.
  2. To be open– Flowers are at their best when they blossom in their entirety. What would it look like to be a person who is truly open? Open-minded a free-spirit, open in receiving and giving. To be unapologetically and fully you.
  3. To not be scared of change– Flowers lose their petals and whither but they are not afraid to grow again. Fresher and fuller, blooming better than ever. We can be that way too.
  4. To have faith– Whenever I feel I’ve lost faith or confidence I think about Spring. Nature is proof that change will happen. Change is constant. And you are not stuck. Your change is always around the corner.
  5. To see beauty in various forms– Beauty is not just in one flower. Not in just one rose or in one peony but in all flowers. Every flower is different just like every person and they have their intrinsic beauty.
  6. That appearance is just one side– Some of the most gentle flowers, the most fragile and little flowers have a lot of healing properties. Some of the most delicate flowers thrive in the harshest weather.
  7. That it is okay to be different– Think about it, if every flower looked alike we probably wouldn’t even notice them. Difference is what makes them. And what makes us.

So be your own flower.

Photographed by me.

Take care.


* Featured Image photographed by me.

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