Some Beautiful Lyrics about Love

So, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Here’s a love themed post. Now, I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day. I’m really not. But, Love is another thing.

Love is everything- self-love, romantic love, love for the world, love for family, for things, for people.

As a writer, especially while writing songs, love is the ideal subject to write about because it is universal. In the feeling and the longing. Love is ethereal. Everybody has a favourite love song and it isn’t hard to come across beautiful love songs with beautiful lyrics because this subject does strike a chord with everybody in some way or the other.

Love songs are so incredible because you don’t even need to presently be in love to be enchanted by love songs. Love songs are always a good idea to bring tenderness into your heart.

In this post I’m going to mention few lyrics, beautiful lyrics from love songs. I hope you like them.

  • La Vie En Rose- Edith Piaf

It would be crazy if I didn’t mention this. I have put the lyrics sung by Louis Armstrong in the English version of this Edith Piaf classic.

A world where roses bloom
And when you speak, angels sing from above
Everyday words seem to turn into love songs
Give your heart and soul to me
And life will always be 
"La Vie En Rose" 
  • Cheek to Cheek- Fred Astaire
Heaven... I'm in heaven,
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
When we're out together dancing cheek to cheek.
  • Moon River- Audrey Hepburn
Moon river, wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style some day
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you're goin', I'm goin' your way
  • Mystery of Love Sufjan Stevens
Oh, to see without my eyes
The first time that you kissed me
Boundless by the time I cried
I built your walls around me
White noise, what an awful sound
Fumbling by Rogue River
Feel my feet above the ground
Hand of God, deliver me
  • Your Song- Elton John
And you can tell everybody
This is your song
It may be quite simple, but now that it's done
I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind
That I put down in the words
How wonderful life is while you're in the world

It is impossible to pick lyrics on love because there is an endless flow of words and melodies that people have written on love. But I hope you enjoyed reading this. These are just some of my favourites.

Take care

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