A new way to meditate

There is something I’ve been doing for years without realizing it. I never knew to give it a name. But I guess it was meditation. A very different kind of meditation, unique to me and my experience. I have always tried to meditate but the traditional way overwhelmed me and didn’t help me. Although, I would like to try the traditional way and master it, but for the time being the way that I meditate has really helped me.

So, I want to share it with all the other anxious minds especially during this time.

Spring is upon us- a time for rebirth, renaissance, turning over a new leaf, quite literally.

Finding tranquility is a habit we could all use and benefit from.

So, please try this if you’d like and I hope it helps you.

Sit or lie in a comfortable space.

Light a candle and turn on some music, think of a song that makes you feel warm and cozy, comfortable and happy. A soft soothing song that holds some good meaning for you.

Play it on repeat for 10 minutes.

And, just listen to each and every word, every sigh, every note. If it’s instrumental focus on how they melody flows, where does it start how does it evolve where does it go?

While listening to the music visualize a happy place. Try that the visualization doesn’t conjure up past emotions. If you imagine a memory that truly made you happy and if you can remain there without drifting into contemplating the past, then even past memories are fine. Otherwise just create something new.

It is always good to imagine something new, something you want, something that makes you feel butterflies and ecstatic at the same time.

See yourself in that picture, with your chosen music playing and just rest and breathe within that imagery.

If you have a hyper mind, make up stories and experiences you’d like to have and visualize them. It will help you focus and be more creative.

After 10 minutes you won’t even realize that what you’ve done was meditation.

Visualizing and creating has feminine energy at its core. Staying firm and stable in one place has masculine energy at its core. This practice creates a good balance of the two. And it makes me feel calmer. And I believe it will help you as well.

I hope you try it and that it helps you and let me know what you think about this.

As always take care. 😀


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