Reading poetry can positively impact your mental health.

Note: The views expressed in this post are mine and my intention is just to share them to provide an add-on to the journey of self betterment. To provide something you can try. This is not to say that any of this should be used as a replacement for actual medical help. So, if you are struggling with your mental health please consult a mental health professional.

There are moments sometimes when we feel low and no matter what we do that sinking feeling won’t go away. Now you may be working on yourself diligently, taking care of yourself, of your body and your mind but even with all of the good habits sometimes we feel drained by the natural course of everyday life, worries, fears, anxieties or something said or done by someone.

This is unfortunately inescapable. It is not like there is a portal that we can just step into that takes us to a magic land. But in a way there is.

We can always improve things with the power of imagination. Because, when we imagine something good, we feel good and motivated, to then achieve our dreams and goals. But, it is much harder to do that when we fee tired, upset and demotivated. When we feel this way we feel powerless- in moments like these we need to be reminded that we are not powerless.

It is sometimes difficult to even give yourself a pep-talk, so, in moments like those I turn to poetry.

And it is my belief that poetry has had a great, beneficial impact on my life. When I would feel anxious I would write poetry. Reading poetry offers a dive into the world of aesthetics, imagination, meaning, rhyme, philosophy and emotions.

It makes us follow the course of language and paints a thousand images with the words.

I feel that poetry is a true form of aesthetics and we all need a little poetry in life. To get lost into and also to guide us.

Furthermore, poetry can improve your expression, encourage you to be more expressive, improve your language, vocabulary and the way you see life. This way we can understand our feelings/needs better and learn how to communicate them.

For poets everything has a meaning and often they try to find beauty in everything.

If we can find beauty in everything- even in the mundane then we can have greater appreciation for beauty and as a result we will be able to enjoy life more and attract beauty into our lives.

Because if we focus on beauty and positivity we can change our minds and learn how to better understand our minds and how to deal with our emotions in a creative, healthy and beneficial way.

What’s more you don’t have to try and decode each poetic device in the poem. You don’t have to read a long, perplexing poem, you don’t even have to pay attention to understanding it. Just pick any poem no matter how short or simple it may be just focus on the words and expression and by doing that your mind will understand the poem in its unique way. And you will grow as a person.

Little by little you can read more obscure poems and expand your mind.

I hope you liked reading this post. Take care and let me know in the comments about your favourite poems.



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