My heart breaks a little bit everyday
Disintegrating into more and more pieces
The weather is fine and so am I
Then sun still shines and people smile sometimes
The moon is in the right place
The emptiness is full of mystery in space
Yet my heart sheds a tear
I always think of my fear
There is a revolution in the morning
A painful sadness at night
There is so much suffering in the world
So much hatred on this earth
Sometimes I feel we don’t even deserve the poetry
We don’t deserve the shade of the trees
We don’t deserve the soft wind or the beautiful nights
I don’t either but that’s all I care about these days
When the alarms break the silence at dawn I want to disappear like the morning mist
I want to be in a lush field that grows countless daisies

When I hear the beginning of a cry
Or when I see the first tear
I know it’s gonna turn into a river
I want to listen I care I really do I want to be the shoulder to lean on for whoever wants to cry
But I’m too tired- for, my tears have become the sea
I have drowned in my sadness and somehow managed to survive
I just wanna sail away I wanna fly away
I wanna be on that mountain where no one is standing right now
I want to be in those lavender fields
Lying down, slowly falling asleep tenderly drifting into my dreams
Getting high on a sweet perfume
I want to be a melody
I need the romance that makes one forget that there is a world out of the
Beautiful embrace of love
But can I just turn off my heart for a little bit
Turn off my mind for a little bit
I need a break I need a siesta I know you do too
But oh please let me be
That wavering wave
I’m closing my eyes now
Just for now 

Published by anshudha

Hi, I'm a singer, song-writer, poet and lifestyle blogger. I'm inspired by music, philosophy, fashion and most importantly nature...

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