Poem-Sea, Sun and Freedom

It’s just If I could sit on the beach and watch the day turn to night
Maybe everything will be alright
If I could spend an eternity listening to the crashing waves
Maybe I could drown out the noise
And if I could sail the ocean till the ends of the earth
Maybe I would forget all that, that hurts
Maybe I need to get away from everything mostly myself

I wanna be where the rivers meet
Where the sky changes hues
And the waters are the most beautiful shade of blue
The sun will be so orange, blinding bright and then warm and soft diving into the sea
The shade of pink and violet, dripping in the sky like watercolours painting a twilight
I can’t hold this feeling tight
Like everything that shines it must fade
Nothing bright can last
Then again if it did it wouldn’t mean as much would it?
There’s the beauty in its fleeting moment

I’ve been singing the same old song
The melody is getting so irrelevant
But the words still hurt
Every time the darkness takes over my mind
I go back in time
Mostly to places I no longer like
I’m tired and jaded
I need a boat, that probably won’t make it to shore
I want to be a part of those drifting waves
They are reborn again and again and again
Always getting a chance to redefine their movement
They get to be who they want
Never the same as the last

Corals, seaweed take me there
Under the burning sun of August
Or a fresh morning under the sky of May
I feel so free when I’m surrounded by the sources
I’m one of them and they show me the electric touch of the forces
They get to be who they want
Never caring about the past

I want real happiness, real love
Where there is no fear of the storm
No worries about the end of the world

I can no longer hide my disdain
Hide my tears or my pain
I want to be everywhere
I want to be Everything
Who I want
Never again care about what’s past. 

-Anshudha Garimella

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