Sleepless Nights

Days and days of insomnia
They come and go like the clouds
I’ve tried to stop my mind but it’s a universe of its own kind
I think and I think about days gone by
Days to come
I think of the present too but only as a result of the past or an impression of the future
Counting sheep is futile
Counting stars too
The moon is almost never on my side
Sleep is something I dream comes from the sky
From anywhere outside my mind
When I sleep my dreams are waking me up
Either with excitement or horror
I trained my mind to tame its instability
I’m taming my sleep and its fragility
with soft melodies
Ethereal sounds
Of rain
Songs of love And of pain

The perfect slumber has kind of become a fairy tale now
Once I was cloaked in perfume
I can’t  remember which one
I remember it was like a bed of lavender

A little bit of wine
And the strong inebriating fragrance of neroli
And heady jasmine too
Carrying me to childhood carefree naps on balmy afternoons

Now the midnight interludes are spent waiting for sleep to take over

If I could drift Into a peaceful siesta
I would have more to give
More zest for life

The shadows emerge at night
And I wish they would go anywhere
Anywhere but here
For now I just breathe in the perfume and hope it gets to my head. 

-Anshudha Garimella

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Hi, I'm a singer, song-writer, poet and lifestyle blogger. I'm inspired by music, philosophy, fashion and most importantly nature...

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