Happy Earth Day!

Here’s a poem I wrote for this beautiful planet we call home.

To this beautiful planet that I call home

I don’t have enough words or enough languages to express how much I love you

The planet that cloaks us with its green blanket, supports us with its solid carpet, the planet that covers us with perfect blue skies

you give me the ephemeral sunsets and sunrises which keep their promise each day when they come to greet me everyday

you give us the perfect summer sky, the perfect stormy weather, the perfect snow, the perfect rain

each time I feel I have no reason to carry on

You take away my pain

With a birdcall, or a perfect sunshine.

You give us the perfect aquamarine seas and the grandiose ocean and the sandy beach

You give us the divine mountains and valleys

every creature unique

just like you and me.

Happy Earth Day!

-Anshudha Garimella

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Hi, I'm a singer, song-writer, poet and lifestyle blogger. I'm inspired by music, philosophy, fashion and most importantly nature...

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