I Never Forget Anything- Poem

I never forget anything

I never forget a thing
And that’s what broke me
I never forgot a thing
I thought time would take care of memories
But It didn’t
So I filled my head with lyrics and melodies
I filled my mind up to the brim
With rhymes and words
Until it started overflowing with poems of my own

I never forgot a thing
I thought I could just sit back and let time run its essential course
time just kept following that same linear movement
That we are so used to
But No part of my mind actually forgot anything I was hoping to forget
If anything I might have forgotten some things I was meaning to remember

I forgot things worth holding on to
And that broke me further
My head was full of negative adjectives, feelings of disdain, sensations of pain
The thoughts kept on raining
On my tired mind
Creating havoc on my fragile nerves
So I filled my head with lyrics and poems
Melodies and refrains
I wanted to curate my mind
Collecting beautiful memories, beautiful melodies, beautiful landscapes and people

So I’d play the music
And sit woolgathering
I thought I could fill up my head with ballads and words
And that maybe one day it will be full
Of beautiful things no more pain
No more things to add
No more things to remove
But there’s just too much capacity in the Mind
More space for many more thoughts
Many more words
Maybe even more pain

I was trying to fill up an endless void

How was I ever going to fill up infinity?
Never mind

I kept adding more and more things
Trying to replace things I wished to forget
With phrases in foreign languages
Lyrics and idioms
Adjectives and refrains

I thought I could focus on a different language
So I could forget the terrible words said to me
I tried to fill my head with songs of love
So I’d forget pain
But now I have more words in more tongues to say the same things





I never forget anything
So I filled my head up with melodies
I never forgot anything
So I tried to stop
I told myself stop trying to forget
Stop trying to forgive
I just learnt more
Many more things
So much more
I still haven’t forgotten a word
And the thoughts they haven’t stopped
They probably never will
But it doesn’t hurt me anymore
Because I have much more
To think about
So many other things

Overthinking drowned me in the sea of thoughts
But thinking was also an anchor that pulled me out 

by Anshudha Garimella

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