Sprintime Mood

Spring Mood board made by me. All pics in this mood board were taken by me.

Here’s what I wanted to say to you

ever since my Spring has blossomed

I’m like the seasons I don’t need a reason

to be this way

You adore my sunshine, you despise my rain

you adore my laughter, and you avoid my tears

You find me when you’re in the abyss of pain

to come and take away your sadness and fears

You love me in the summer, you are comfortable in my autumn

but when the winter of my mind comes and freezes my warmth

and fades my light- you won’t stay

I won’t always stay the same I wasn’t designed that way

Now that summer is around the corner I’m slowly turning hot and bright

I don’t want to share my seasons with you

I’m done being your sunshine, your zephyr, your wave

Since you can’t stand the shivers my blues bring

I have nothing to share

I won’t shine my sunshine on you

I want to save my light for those who understand pain

For those who have tasted the rain

I want to save my warmth for those who have felt cold

I want to share my roses with the ones who have been scarred by the thorns

And since my Springtime is flourishing right now

I know you miss my colours

But I’m giving my colours to those who have only seen the blues

I want to give those lost souls some vibrant hues

And I don’t need your company for I’m too busy thriving under the spring sky

getting ready for summertime

I have no petals for you, no light, no feather, no purple twilight

I have saved all those lovely things for those who have cried through the night.

Like me during the winter of my life

-Anshudha Garimella

Featured Image from Canva

Springtime Mood board designed and photographed by me.

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