Clear Skies- Poem

rainbow on cloudless sly in nature

by Anshudha Garimella

Finally, the fog has lifted and the clouds are parting

To give way to sunrays of rebirth

Everything will change now

Flourishing in different colours

We all have a chance to reflect those colours of rebirth

A renaissance of awakening some beautiful parts of us that were sleeping for so long

There is nothing more hopeful that a little flower growing in the remains of a winter

Finally, I can see the sun and the promise of a summer coming soon.

There are some incredible colours in the sky

Rose, gold, lilac, blue and yellow

All of me is coming back now I can feel it in the air.

Published by anshudha

Hi, I'm a singer, song-writer, poet and lifestyle blogger. I'm inspired by music, philosophy, fashion and most importantly nature...

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