Ethereal classical music pieces

Classical music has much to teach us. It’s where you begin when you start singing or playing an instrument whether you like it or not. Classical music pieces are always majestic. They tell stories without words and they can really influence your artistic abilities. The greatest musicians have been influenced by classical music from Led Zeppelin to present day pop stars.

Here are a few classical music suggestions that I find ethereal.

Honestly listening to these pieces is a surreal, unreal experience.

  • Clair de Lune- Debussy

This is a very popular piece and I’m sure you’ve heard it. But on the off chance you haven’t. It is the sweetest lullaby. Clair de Lune- meaning shine/glow of the moon. It is perfect for meditation or to lull you to sleep. It creates a beautiful imagery and the melody is just heavenly.

  • Arabesque 1- Debussy

Debussy was an unbelievable pianist and composer. His compositions sound like what it feels like to look at an Impressionist painting. Which is why sometimes people call him an impressionist pianist.

  • Gnossienne 1-6- Erik Satie

Composed by French pianist Erik Satie. He was a very eccentric and mysterious figure. He often created piano pieces that were described as ‘simple’ in a time where every other pianist was creating intricate melodies. Satie’s intention was to create ambient music that would just play in the background at a dinner party. Perhaps he invented the concept of ambient aesthetic. These pieces in 6 parts is just incredible.

  • Prelude in E minor- Chopin

This is a very famous piece often used in film. It is truly beautiful and melancholic. I have heard it in the most unlikely places in pop songs, in elevators, in fashion shows. But that is what makes it truly timeless.

For a different take of this piece Serge Gainsbourg wrote a song for Jane Birkin titled Jane B. The melody of Jane B. is this classical piece prelude in e minor though Gainsbourg arranged it on electric guitars.

  • Moonlight Sonata- Beethoven

No classical music playlist would be complete without Beethoven. This piece is haunting, melancholic and beautiful. It just carries you elsewhere and then leaves you there. It is a truly catchy piece as well.


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