Welcome the Summer Solstice

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year. Clear skies, sunshine, vacations, memories, beauty of warmth and even heat.

This year not everbody is able to go on vacations but there are still ways to celebrate summer and this solstice.

The sun is in the perfect place right now. Hot and bright, luminous and burning. It’s been a cold winter in the world in terms of the sadness that has affected everybody.

But when we see this solstice we can have some hope. We can learn from nature that all storms pass and the sun does come out.

Here are some solstice rituals.

Photographed today by me.
  • Make a list of things you love about summer. I do this because it helps me focus on the beauty of summer and focus on some positive things. What it does is raise the vibration.

  • Cool down with some yoga, get back into your body’s rhythm while also calming your mind.
  • Look after yourself. Try to pick up a new hobby or activity that will help your well being.
  • Go outside and just stand under the sun just for 5 minutes to feel the sunshine and its golden energy.
  • Lastly be grateful for atleast 5 things tonight.

Repeat this affirmation.

‘I am born to shine.’

Happy Solstice lovelies.


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