daisy chains on summer days

A poem by Anshudha Garimella

I’m in love with daisy chains on summer days

little daisies float on my lemonade

Just like a citrus breeze summer does not stay

But the taste of oranges is the ambrosial nectar of an amber sunset

The crushed strawberries and cherries rest at the bottom of my summer wine

a taste I crave almost all the time

I’m in love with daisy chains on sunny days

And like the golden rays

summer does not stay

Twirling in the summer breeze a soft voice whispers to me

Ambrosia! Ambrosia! Ambrosia!

Remember the scent, remember the taste, Remember this summer day

There are enough memories in my sangria to get me through a gloomy day

and like the last sips of cherry wine summer does not stay

When the scarlet sunsets make me feel a certain way

I know not all feelings are there to stay

the feelings either grow or they fade

love may grow, love may fade, pain may grow or pain may fade

In the midst of it all is a sweet summer’s day

Just like summer wine or summer sunshine

my daisy chains whither and then they die

around my tired mind, now entering a twilight

sun-kissed flowers line around my head

daisy chains on Tuesdays

entwine around twigs and lace

we wear our special crowns for fleeting summer days

we run around green fields on sun-drenched afternoons

and we lie under the balmy July moon

waiting for daybreak

so, we can do this all over again.

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