Use photography to be more creative, better and happy.

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Photography is an incredible art form. But, sometimes I feel that we do it for Instagram and other social media sites. While, there is nothing wrong with that, the beauty of photography gets blurry when we become preoccupied with social media.

To us, today, photography is simple, we’ve all got a camera in our pockets fashioned into smart phones.

Because it is so easy to take a picture, we click and capture moments that may not mean that much to us. At least not always. But we do because we can. A few decades ago it took time to get pictures right, you had to have a steady hand and great skills and not to forget that the images needed to be developed, they had camera rolls didn’t they. I don’t remember much about it because I’m only familiar with the digital, but I remember seeing a vintage camera and how aesthetic it looked, and how many memories it carried like a kaleidoscope.

But you had to wait to enjoy them, you had to get them developed and enjoy the pictures that came out good and frown and get disappointed about the pictures that didn’t.

Because you couldn’t go back in time and have a retake. We can do that so easily now. Click! Delete! Click! Delete! and finally an Instagram moment.

And while that is amazing that we have this privilege today that I do not know what I would do without. Sometimes I find myself missing a golden sunset because I’m so preoccupied with the right filter and the right effect, only to delete it to take it again.

I can’t tell you how many beautiful sunsets and sunrises I haven’t truly savored because I was changing filters. Sound familiar?

There will be more sunsets sure! But never the one we missed, never again.

Photography is incredible and carries a great potential to make us better and more creative. Ask yourself- when was the last time you took a picture solely to remember something special? And how many times did you take pictures this week for Instagram?

There’s nothing wrong with taking pictures for social media. But try and experiment with a new approach (rather in this case an old approach).

  1. Take a picture of yourself when you’re in a good mood. Remember it and keep it safe for a gloomy day. Take pictures of yourself when you are truly happy so you don’t forget beauty and happiness.
  2. Enjoy the sunset you take a picture of and learn when to stop. Because no picture replaces the real feeling of seeing it with your own eyes. The picture you take is just a reminder of a beautiful view. So, don’t miss the beautiful view.
  3. Take random pictures of nature, even if it is just a flower you have seen a million times. I can’t tell you how many times I have come across an old picture of sunshine or a rose and that it made me feel better and transported me to some beautiful land of memory, even if I’m not in the picture, even if I don’t remember taking it.
  4. Photography like anything visual is a source of great inspiration, because it helps us to relive memories, visualize the future, save beautiful pictures online to help you meditate and visualize and imagine. Use photography to heal yourself. Surround yourself with images of beauty- be it a person, a sunset, a candid.
  5. Use photography to live in the moment. If there is an incredible moment that you’d like to live in take it in first then click a picture (it doesn’t have to be a good picture).It is just a memory that you would like to keep. Remember every image is not taken for Instagram. You have a life greater than social media (something I’m still learning, but at least I remind myself).
  6. Take mental images. No image can replace a deep emotional connect. An image is a totem representing a bigger picture, a longer story. In the process of creating ‘content’ for your feed, try not to forget the longer story and the bigger picture.
  7. Photograph your progress. Loved ones, travel destinations, goals accomplished, things worth remembering that add value to your life.
  8. Take pictures of things that bring you joy, not just things that are aesthetically pleasing. But photograph things that bring you joy, so you don’t lose sight of them and so you have something to remind you that there is beauty and happiness in the world.

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