-anshudha garimella

Lilac drips down the sky

Around the clouds, it entwines

Enveloping the atmosphere

You can find the dreamers there

Their hopes and their songs

Interlace with the pastel colours of their dreams

Lilac falls from the sky

To soothe the ones with weary eyes

It’s been a lonely night

Seeing things in black and white

A burst of colour is an electric shock to the eyes

But that’s what we dreamt of through the night

We were hoping to wake up in a field of lilacs

A paradisiacal reverie we made with our weary eyes

But we woke up under a lilac sky

more heavenly than our imaginations

Tired of seeing things in black and white

We slept in the abyss

But we dreamt of lilacs

The children of spring

That burst out of the divine ground

We have often seen grey skies

And black skyscapes even on velvet nights

But when the heavenly raindrops fell from the sky we painted them lilac with our eyes

Like watercolours would drip and spill down a white canvas

Our sky is our canvas

Our hopes and our poems splattered violets and lilacs all over the skies

And then those lilac drops blended with the white cotton clouds

Giving the impression of a soft mauve pillow

That we lay our tired heads upon

Lilac drips from the sky around our hands it entwines

Around our heads, we wear flower crowns

damp from the lilac rain

We are the children of spring

We no longer live in the shadows.

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Hi, I'm a singer, song-writer, poet and lifestyle blogger. I'm inspired by music, philosophy, fashion and most importantly nature...

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