Colours of Autumn

leaves hang on rope

Learn from the autumnal colours, let go of your past and breathe in autumnal colours.


Breathe in the soft green foliage, the remnants of summer memories. Green is the colour of freshness, nature, growth and calmness. Breathe in these words. It does not matter that the green is about to go away now, it will only go away from the physical world but it will still be with you. Keep the vitality of summer and green serenity.


Breathe in the yellow vibration of the autumn sunshine, breathe in the golden reflection of the sunshine mixed with the yellow leaves. Yellow is the colour of sunshine, happiness and warmth. Keep sunshine in your heart no matter where you are.


The inebriating colour of autumn. Orange represents passion, creativity, warmth, enthusiasm and determination. Keep orange as a reminder that you have to stay on the path of self-improvement, throw yourself into change with a creative passion, get excited about who you could be and stay determined to be that person each day.


Among many things, purple represents power, and ambition, while, red is the ultimate colour of passion, love, desire, romance, courage, vigour, willpower. Blend these symbols and colours together and watch who you can become breathe in the purple/red foliage.


This is the last colour of autumn and while this is the colour that brings dead leaves and with it a melancholy. Brown is an earthly colour that represents being grounded.

It brings with it the feelings of earthly security, safety, dependability and certainty.

At autumn’s end you will be left with dead leaves, so make sure those dead leaves represent bad habits, past, pain and sadness. And get excited about saying goodbye to these sad things. Beyond these dead leaves is a person who you can be.

Leave these things.

God speed Good luck.

-Anshudha Garimella

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