Things we can learn from Autumn

trees in autumn forest

Welcome the month where everything is colourful and warm, at the same time the month where the past dies.

To lovers of summer, autumn can be a bit of a bitter moment, but autumnal death can be very empowering depending on how you look at it.

If you choose to kill the things that no longer serve you then autumn is an ally, but if you choose to kill bliss then you will not be truly able to profit from autumn.

Things to learn from Autumn:

  • Change is good. Change is necessary. Ask yourself this “are you the same person you were last year?” If you are and haven’t really improved. Then get on it. Because there is always room to improve. Change can be scary but still rewarding.
  • Take up a new habit. a lifestyle change, a new hobby, basically everything you wanted to do in the past but always talk yourself out of.

  • Autumn trees shed their leaves so easily and effortlessly each year, unafraid to lose their flowers because nature is sure of itself, nature is certain that it will get its flowers back. But we hold on to the past too scared to let it go, too scared to cut the cord because we are not sure of our lives, of our selves. And poetically this is why seasons exist to show us how to behave , who to be, and who we can become. More than anythig autumn teaches us that is is okay to release the past. It is okay to kill the feelings and habits that do not serve us anymore.
  • Autumn to a pessimist is the ground where flowers prepare to die, but to an optimist autumn is a second chance, a chance to reinvent. A place where we can shed our leaves, watch them blow away and be born again.
  • Think of Autumn as the first step, let go of the things that only hurt you and hinder your progress. Lose them, then spend winter building new habits and watch yourself bloom in spring and be your beautiful self in summer but today- Autumn is day one.
  • Learn from autumn the true meaning and brilliance of colour. Do you ever find yourself holding on to something even more because you feel you are about to lose it. This is what autumn does, it brings out the best of the colours and their shades so we can enjoy them one last time each year.

Autumn has much to teach us, so listen!

(let me know in the comments if autumn has taught you anything truly remarkable. I’d love to know)

I’ll even start autumn taught me to forget about comfort zones. And to only look ahead.

Happy Autumn


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