Welcome Autumn

yellow dry maple

For me, Autumn has always been a bittersweet transition. Because I always saw autumn as a page not a chapter. To me, it was just a moment between summer and winter. Autumn for me was a very real reality that my beloved summer was leaving me now.

But the more you think about the beauty of seasons you find that seasons are not pages but chapters.

There is so much beauty in every season.

Autumn is a vibrant haven for lovers of summer to soak in the sun one last time and experience colours before it all turns grey. It is an exciting phase for lovers of winter who can feel the summer getting cool, the wind getting cold and the sun getting paler.

I guess, it depends on which way you look at it but autumn is unique. A ground where the flowers and leaves slowly die but the Earth never looks more colourful. It truly is a celebration of life.

The more I think about Autumn, the more the colour orange inebriates me.

Stay tuned for more posts about autumnal bliss coming your way.


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