Things to enjoy about autumn right this minute

red and orange autumn leaves on the ground and on trees beside body of water

There are things about autumn that last for just a minute. They drift away quicker than autumn leaves.

With every autumnal minute the sun gets paler, the temperature cooler and the winds rougher.

Soon autumn will lose its colour and all we will have is the grey winter. But as long as autumn lasts, there are so many truly delightful things that shouldn’t be missed.

  • Warm Sun- After feeling the hot summer sun, it is natural to long for cooler temperature, but with winter we will miss the sun altogether. This in between right here is bliss, it’s warm but not hot, bright but not blinding, it adds a shine to autumn leaves, everything looks golden and orange, a truly beautiful scene.
  • Autumn Colours- you may find these in the street, in your lattes, in autumnal harvest, candies, baked delicacies, wherever you find colours just grab them.
  • Embrace the change- The past year has been a trying time for everyone, in every dead leaf see 2020. It will make you feel a sense of relief.
  • Enjoy the change in tastes- Things get warmer, the menu changes based on the harvest. Taste the flavours of autumn in cinnamon, pumpkin, spices.
  • Enjoy Autumn Playlists- When you don’t know how to feel, turn to music, play an autumnal playlist online and feel your mood change. You will start to listen to anthems of autumn and with them truly embrace this in between.
  • Journal- write about what you have learned so far. Which habits will you keep, which ones will you leave behind?

Enjoy every season, there is beauty in every moment.

I hope you are having a good autumn. Happy Autumn!


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