The Autumn Leaf

photo of person holding leaf

(Poem- by Anshudha Garimella)

When the leaves are bleeding their emerald hues

lovers of summer feel the blues

We see the leaves lose their colours

but they don’t lose their emeralds in a second.

Just to prolong our pain

the green starts fading slowly

so we can see our summer fade and feel the air get cooler every day

this is a blissful moment for all those who wait to feel the cold

all those lovers of winter who only come alive when the sun becomes pale

I guess they crave to feel that heat when the snow reddens their fingers

But us, the lovers of summer we turn pale and our heat turns cold

In the end it is all about perspective

some of us see the death of summer in the autumn leaf

some of us see a new beginning

and should you see death in autumn today

I hope it is only the death of your past pain.

Because this is a new beginning

An autumn leaf carries a big decision

one you should make tonight

what should you keep and what should you throw?

which dead leaf represents your folly, heartbreak, chagrin?

watch that leaf die and fall on the pile of all the other things you were meaning to forget

so we can rake the leaves of our past to declutter

and make some space for the new



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