I blame the moon for my mistakes…..

white and black moon with black skies and body of water photography during night time

-Anshudha Garimella

There’s mysteries in the sky

But I don’t believe that the lines on our hands,

show us to the galaxies perched up high

You and I, we do have a cosmic map in our minds

That entwines around our nerves

In the form of our thoughts

They shoot out of our consciousness and flow in cosmic waves

And everything I do with my hands isn’t predestined

But I do have shackles around my hands and feet

no divine being tied me to these

I tied myself to all the pain that if I choose to leave will no longer exist

But like every other lost soul

I try to look for the answers in the lines and patterns on my hands

My folly lies in my knowing that I have the key

But I tie a blindfold around my eyes

And hope for the best each time

Lunacy is tethered to me

Because I’ve tied its strings around my fingers

I keep repeating the same day, a day which I hate

Then I look up at the sky and blame the moon for my mistakes

I blame the moon for the malaise I feel

Because it is easier to blame than to heal

I’ve often been told that the moon is at odds with me

I always felt that my rivers don’t flow with grace and ease

I’m blaming the moon for wrecking my waves and my movement with its white light

I find my waves thrash and cause havoc

But the moon is not to blame

For my lack of grace

I’m not as powerless as I convince myself

Because at the end of the day we’re made

of the same thing

The same energy

Should I choose to design this moment right here

A bit differently

I will succeed

It’s all up to me

Yet I find myself tied to lunacy

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