How Resilient Can One Flower Be?

white petaled flowers selective focus photography

-Anshudha Garimella

The whooshing sound of the wind carries a foreboding gust of melancholy

The seeds of hope are also in the wind along with the weeds we do not need

Everything is at risk

How resilient can one flower be?

She’s in the wind

the storm is destroying every pretty petal and every delicate feather

and any other fragile thing that happens to cross the storm’s path

 this ravenous storm wants to devour every flower

from root to petal

how resilient can one flower be?

There’s a flower in the middle of this field, in the middle of this storm

Beautiful, elegant flower with a colour so soothing to the eyes

A soft pink the kind of pink that flushes our cheeks

From shame or embarrassment

A bashful shimmer of cerise

But Spring is long gone and summer is no where to be found

Fall is about to leave and it will take away the corpse of this beautiful flower

But for now, she’s in the wind fighting with all her might

Knowing that she’s in a doomed fight

How resilient must one flower be to get a chance to keep her beauty?

Well, her ephemerality gives her the character of an elusive glamour

The Goddesses of Spring birth her from the ground

Then she shines when the sun casts a spotlight on her

Then a gentle summer drizzle showers her to keep her strong

Then she enters a summer full of serenity and life, balance and prosperity

Then she enters a twilight

But stays resilient for a little while

Now the fall is here, she can feel the end is near

There is nothing to fear, nothing more to feel

She knows she’ll be back but not for a while now

She falls into the abyss and that is it.

She accepted her demise the second the winds grew stronger

Because nobody could say that she didn’t fight

She rooted herself to the ground and tried to remain steady

But she was at war with a callous wind

A wind that is no friend of hers

A wind that is unkind to every feather

But the wind followed its essential rhythm

And she followed hers

Now she’s in the tomb till next spring.

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