Change can be beautiful….

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Sometimes we fear change even though we long for change. It is genuinely a frustrating state to be in, this kind of state feels like running in circles.

Have you ever felt this way- you want something, you really really want something, but even before you can take any action to have the thing that you desire, a million thoughts show up out of nowhere.

Thoughts that stop you, thoughts that shift you out of alignment, thoughts that tell you “you’re not good enough” or you can’t have what you want because of some ridiculous reason that you choose to believe.

So before you can take any action you are caught up in this storm of thoughts. You may even find yourself creating obstacles that do not exist. You may start convincing yourself that you don’t even want the thing that you desperately desire. But you do. The problem isn’t you the problem is we can sometimes fear change, because we feel we can’t handle it.

You can become the mountain standing in your own way.

All because- change is unfamiliar.

Even change that is beneficial is unfamiliar.

Even change you are longing for is unfamiliar.

But that doesn’t mean change is bad.

According to Carl Jung we get so used to our past experiences simply because they are familiar that we end up making the same mistakes, choosing the same path, attracting the same type of circumstances that keep us in the past, attract the same type of people who keep us in the past, almost forcing ourselves to stay in the same jaded place we don’t actually want to be in. WHY? because that sad old place is familiar. You don’t know any different yet, you don’t trust yourself to deal with change.

And if you think of change you only think about the discomfort change will bring and you only contemplate the negative outcomes when you think of change.

This is not your fault, we are programmed this way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change your programming.

You can’t look at the future the same way you look at the past. The future holds hope and one must look at it that way. And what is past is past. The future hasn’t happened yet.

Don’t make a mountain out of your non existent problems that are just thoughts and stop yourself from enjoying all the good things that come with change.

We are all afraid of change, but change is essential. Something must change so you can get closer to your desire.

There is a person you want to be but for that you must first let go of some old habits and get new positive ones. You must first change a little bit and this is where our old negative patters start kicking in.

When you try to change yourself something inside you will fight you, because your mind only relates to the past. But keep going. If you feel uncomfortable when you are doing something different it means you are doing something right.

This is the time to contemplate -who do you want to be?

This is Spring you can be any flower you choose.

And make lists on what you can do today to blossom into the spring flower you are meant to be.

We can learn so much from Spring just by seeing the transformation of a beautiful bud that blossoms into a beautiful flower, It is unafraid to bloom into its true potential and you can bloom just as easily as any flower.

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