Quotes by Famous Artists

I am always mesmerized by artists, painters, sculptors and how they see the world around them. To them everything in daily life is an allegory. That state of mind makes daily life so exciting and enchanting. And if you think about it there is always something beautiful and artistic hiding in plain sight.

I believe in our day to day life it can help us to be more creative if we knew how to see things in multidimensional colours and textures, in different effects and moods.

Here are a few quotes by famous artists to get inspired.

I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.

Vincent Van Gogh

There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

Henri Matisse

He who knows how to taste wine does not drink wine but savors secrets.

Salvador Dali

I would like to paint the way a bird sings.

Claude Monet

The purpose of art is washing the dust of our daily lives off of our souls.

Pablo Picasso

To see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.

Claude Monet

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5 Romantic Perfumes (according to me.)

Have you ever smelt a fragrance so delicate and heady, tender and light that you can almost feel like you’re wrapped up in it?

Fragrances are a big part of my daily routine. I believe in Aromatherapy. It sets the day and sets the mood to perhaps be calmer and more centered.

You can include aromatherapy in your lives in many ways the most obvious way is through perfumes. Every scent smells different on everyone as different compositions compliment your intrinsic scent differently.

Here are my picks of 5 romantic perfumes that smell soothing, sensual and lovely.

  • Nuit by Hugo Boss

This is a lovely and simple fragrance. It is gentle and not too heady. It has the perfect lingering quality in a subtle way. The ability to cling to your clothes. To give off a soft and delicate aroma. It has notes of white peach, white flowers, violet, jasmine, sandalwood and crystal moss. It is a good fit for people who like a combination of floral with hints of subtle woody scents.

  • Hypnôse by Lancôme

This is one of my favourite fragrances. It is deeply feminine and delightful to smell. It is lasting enough to not keep reapplying but subtle enough to truly leave a trail of gentle aroma. It has notes of passion flower, vanilla, jasmine sambac, gardenia and vetiver. It is a deep fragrance with layered notes. A truly floral scent that is sensual.

  • Carat by Cartier

This is one of the most unique fruity-floral scents that I have tried. I would describe it as fresh floral. With notes of pear, bergamot, hyacinth, tulip, narcissus, lily, honeysuckle, ylang-ylang, violet, mimosa and white musk. This is a good choice even for people who don’t love floral scents because it is very fresh. Fresh and vibrant enough to wear during the day as well. Reminds me of a spring garden it is delicately fruity which gives it a freshness and slightly sweet with florals which gives it a deep feminine aroma balanced out perfectly so as to not be too fruity or too floral.

  • Deep Euphoria by Calvin Klein

This one is a great night-out fragrance for me. It is heady and deeply layered. It has notes of white pepper, mandarin leaf, black rose, peony, geranium, jasmine sambac, patchouli, woody notes and musk. It is a good option for those who like a confluence of woody and florals.

  • Miss Dior: Blooming Bouquet by Dior

This is an elegant floral. A true floral rose scent but in a very light and tender way. It is not too sweet like some florals can be. It is perfect for all day round in my opinion. Floral enough to be feminine and fresh enough to be subtle and soothing. It has notes of Sicilian mandarin, pink peony, damask rose, apricot, peach and white musk. It is said to be inspired by a spring bouquet. And it is a perfect scent for spring.

These were my choices of romantic scents. Every perfume smells different on everyone. So, share with me in the comments your picks of romantic fragrances or let me know if you’ve tried any of these. I hope you liked reading it.

Take Care : D

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Poetry of an Evening

Often times when I feel jaded and drained of ideas or inspiration. I go for a walk. There is so much poetry in just one evening.

I want to share some pictures I took on an evening walk. The second I took them I got several ideas like epiphanies to write new poetry.

Photographed by Me.
Photographed by Me.
Photographed by Me
Photographed by Me.

Have a nice day. 😀

Stuck in a Rut? Try this….

It happens to the best of us. There are times when we are stuck in a rut of laziness. Of unproductive days where no matter what we try nothing motivates us. It can be really hard to get out of a rut and sometimes just wanting out of it isn’t enough. But that’s not your fault we all go through it from time to time.

It’s frustrating because you feel there is so much you can do with your time. But you just aren’t able to.

Why do we fall into a rut?

Several reasons, perhaps you have been feeling low, stressed or have not worked out for a while, perhaps you are eating unhealthy which can deplete your energy levels. Either way there is one thing you can try today that can help.

I’m writing this from personal experience. Every time I am in a rut. I go to a park, not to exercise or to achieve anything specific. I just go outside. OUTSIDE and wander around aimlessly in a park or a garden.

Here’s what it does:

  1. It immediately makes you feel like you are doing something productive. It makes you feel active. Because you are up and moving.
  2. Listening to music while strolling is a stress buster. You just listen to your favourite music and observe your environment. It gets you out of your lethargy. With music you can just zone out.
  3. Looking at trees and the sky and the ground can do you wonders. By just taking a short walk you will feel immediately connected to the environment around you. You will get some fresh air, and some time to think. You will start to feel motivated.
  4. Just a short walk can help you to start moving to get out of that rut. And after your walk you will feel better because you have done something.
  5. And the beginning is what will keep you on the right track.

This has helped me every time. While it is okay to take a break from time to time still, being in a rut for a long time can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle therefore making you feel demotivated and tired and lazy.

Sometimes you just have to get moving in any way you can.

I hope this helps you in some way. Take care 😀


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Things I’ve learnt from Flowers….

Nature has much to teach us. In every element, every sunrise, every twilight.

I’m a great lover of nature. I learn something from it everyday. It will forever be my greatest inspiration.

I miss flowers the most now as things are not yet in bloom. And there’s still some time.

Photographed by Me.

I love flowers and often read about different flowers’ different symbolism.

Here are a few things we can all learn from flowers:

  1. To be gentle but strong– I always saw my hypersensitivity as a curse but it isn’t. There is strength in feeling things very deeply. To all the sensitive souls reading . Strength isn’t just one thing. There are various forms of strength. Even the most fragile flowers have their strength. Find yours.
  2. To be open– Flowers are at their best when they blossom in their entirety. What would it look like to be a person who is truly open? Open-minded a free-spirit, open in receiving and giving. To be unapologetically and fully you.
  3. To not be scared of change– Flowers lose their petals and whither but they are not afraid to grow again. Fresher and fuller, blooming better than ever. We can be that way too.
  4. To have faith– Whenever I feel I’ve lost faith or confidence I think about Spring. Nature is proof that change will happen. Change is constant. And you are not stuck. Your change is always around the corner.
  5. To see beauty in various forms– Beauty is not just in one flower. Not in just one rose or in one peony but in all flowers. Every flower is different just like every person and they have their intrinsic beauty.
  6. That appearance is just one side– Some of the most gentle flowers, the most fragile and little flowers have a lot of healing properties. Some of the most delicate flowers thrive in the harshest weather.
  7. That it is okay to be different– Think about it, if every flower looked alike we probably wouldn’t even notice them. Difference is what makes them. And what makes us.

So be your own flower.

Photographed by me.

Take care.


* Featured Image photographed by me.

The Importance of Little Pleasures in Life….

I’ve only recently begun to learn to not apologize for the things that make me happy. I don’t know why we do this. But we do. We apologize constantly either with words or with guilt for things that make us happy.

Maybe it’s because sometimes we feel guilty for being happy or calm because some strange voice in our heads is telling us we don’t deserve it. Or perhaps some society pressure that makes us feel that we need to earn happiness through struggle. But we don’t. Everyone deserves to be happy. And nobody owes any explanation to anyone for things that make us smile.

Perhaps sometimes you feel that if you cry enough one day you’ll feel deserving of happiness but that’s not true you always deserve happiness. Always.

Everybody has little things, little pleasures in their lives that make them smile. Like watching the sunrise, stopping to smell a rose, smelling fresh coffee in the morning, dancing to that one song or wearing that one outfit that makes you feel great.

No matter how unnecessary it seems to other people, if your rituals make you happy. then they are important.

I have those little pleasures too. That at times people told me, were pointless. And sure enough that inane message got stuck in my head and I started apologizing continuously.

But I’m learning to change that silly compulsion of apologizing for things that make my day.

Here’s what I want to suggest for today:

Write down your little pleasures. Describe why they make you feel happy. And don’t apologize just embrace them. They’re yours. They exist to make you happy.

When we enjoy the little things in life. I believe it raises our vibration therefore making our aura more positive and more receiving to happiness and joy.

When we are happy we can spread that joy and be a calmer presence in other people’s lives. We can give more and help more. So why deny yourself the daily happiness?

You deserve it.

Take care.


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Create your own rituals.

Note: these thoughts are my opinions and I mean no offense to anyone.

I love reading about lifestyle but it also bothers me. There are so many conflicting views people share online. It used to drive me crazy and confuse me with doubts and questions and fear. The thing about the lifestyle industry is that it is an important topic and it is also so easy to corrupt such a pure concept. I’m not saying it’s all bad. Of course not. There are good things about lifestyle websites. Great things that I have learnt from lifestyle blogs. But there is also some general advice that may not work for everyone. Sometimes even harmful advice.

It is such a pure concept- selfcare and self-healing. It is meant to be personal and different to everyone’s needs.

There are so many fads and “cures” people write about everyday. And I too have been prey to the new trends. From crazy skincare routines to insanely impractical and unhealthy diets.

It was the moment I decided I’ve had enough of online advice when I turned everything around.

I decided that every time I read something I want to try I will consult a health professional to check if it is a good fit for me.

I created my own rituals that helped me with my anxiety. I picked exercises that I enjoy and which work for me. And I chose to eat balanced and healthy. It is simple to have a healthy lifestyle providing you understand your current lifestyle and the changes you need to make to make your lifestyle better. It is also important to consult actual expert professionals who know your health better than online “experts”.

Here are things I did that I would like to share.

  1. Consult doctors, mental health professionals, nutritionists etc.
  2. Start slow. Give yourself enough time to notice if your new workout or diet is actually working for you.
  3. When in doubt. Consult a professional.
  4. Pick workouts that you really enjoy. Have a balanced diet based on the needs of your body and mind.
  5. Create little rituals. Your rituals that bring you peace. Whatever they may be.
  6. Don’t let anyone stop or slow down your journey to a better you.

Everyone is different. Everybody’s body and health requires different things. No one cure, can cure everything. Every life is unique and every lifestyle change should be suited perfectly to your needs. You deserve to feel great.

And with that, have a great week. Take care. 😀


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How to keep a New Year’s Resolution….

Happy New Year to all of you! It’s finally over 2020. I’m sure all of you have some hope for 2021 and with that perhaps you have decided on a resolution. Like learning an instrument, a language, a skill? Work on yourself? Lose weight? Eat Healthy? Practice meditation? etc..

Whatever it may be, it’s actually hard to keep a resolution going all year round. Most of us fall short by the fourth week of January. I’ve been there too.

However, I have managed to keep a few resolutions over the years. Here are a few ways I made sure to not lose the motivation to keep a good resolution going.

  1. Identify why you need a resolution anyway. If you’re keeping a resolution because it’s just something everyone around you is doing. Then I’m sorry to tell you but you probably won’t continue it. A resolution is defined as “a firm decision to do or not do something.” Think about it, for a second. If you make a decision on a whim you’re going to end up thinking ” why did I do that?” A decision comes from a firm understanding of the why? ask yourself three questions – Why do I need to do this? What will I get out of this? How is this going to make me better?
  2. When you pick a resolution, notice if the resolution is something you feel you need in your life?, if it will make you better and whether you will get a good skill or experience out of it? If any act you choose actually teaches you something or enhances and enriches your life for the better then it is a good resolution to keep.
  3. Now it is actually time to keep the resolution, It is time to come through. Here’s a trick- tell yourself that this is a resolution for January. January that’s it. One month. That’s not a lot. That’s doable. I feel it’s the 365 days that we find overwhelming. How can you keep a habit going for 365 days if you’re not fully invested in it? So, if you just pick January. It will be less intimidating and it will feel less overwhelming. Try to keep a good habit going for the month of January and see how it makes you feel on February 1st.
  4. When you have kept a resolution going for a month everyday without fail. You will feel a sense of accomplishment. You will feel motivated to keep it going.
  5. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t be rigid. I feel when I’m too rigid with a resolution. It feels almost painful, like a chore to keep it going and self-care and self betterment shouldn’t feel like a painful task. It is a self-care ritual. It should feel enriching.
  6. Lastly, wanting to do something good for yourself and your life can start anytime so don’t feel pressure to call your new attempt a resolution, don’t give it a name, just see it as a good thing to do. You will be more likely to come through.

I hope you liked reading this. Happy New Year. I hope 2021 will bring light and happiness to all of your lives. Let me know what you think. If you have any resolutions for 2021, in the comments.


and once again

Happy New Year! 2021


Let’s change our lives, who wants to join?

Yesterday I had a familiar feeling that “My life is in my hands and I’m gonna change it.” However, I’ve been down this road before I say this and my anxiety gets the best of me and I go back to the start. But yesterday was different. After 2020 I’m willing to be who I always wanted to be.

I bet that’s a thought that has crossed your mind too. Wherever you are reading from I bet there’s a person inside of you that you know you could be, a destined amazing self. You’d have become that person already if it wasn’t for all those inane voices that tell us we’re not good enough.

I personally am not one, who prefers sharing personal details of my spiritual journey or my anxiety but this time around I feel it might actually help someone, somebody who reminds me of my anxious self and I would really like to help that person. Now I’m not actually going to talk about my anxiety here, I’m going to talk about the things I’m doing differently this time around and I’d really love it if you could join me to be our best selves.

So here’s what I’m going to do. And I encourage you to try it.

1. Be gentle with yourself. Gentle in the way we talk, we walk, we handle situations and especially gentle in the way we speak to ourselves. I always admired those people who had a lightness to themselves who reminded me of the free-spirit of a bird. So let’s start with being gentle in our stride, actions and words to the point that it calms everyone around you and raises your vibration.

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2. Give yourself a compliment each day. I am not one who ever does this. But I’m going to try. All of us deserve some words of kindness each day.

3. Give somebody a compliment. – there are so many nasty words people say to each other and make each other feel worthless. And it’s true we never forget the insults but we can replace them by focussing on compliments. Everytime a past insult comes to me I am now going to remember the good that people have said too. It’s the only way to finally be set free of the hurtful words.

4. Meditate everyday. Meditation is hard and seems to not work but it comes in many ways. Next time you feel overwhelmed put on a soothing song and close your eyes. Let’s start with that. And build our way to traditional meditation. The only thing we need to do to get better is to change our mind and perspective. It takes work but that doesn’t mean that the work needs to be boring. We can find exciting ways to meditate. Paint, dance, sing, run anything that gets you out of your head and into your heart.

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5. Getting in touch with our surroundings.- gentleness and kindness comes with being aware of everything that lives and flourishes around us. We can do this by watering plants, gardening, feeding birds. Going for walks is a great way to notice. Just notice.

Park Güell, Barcelona photographed by me.

6. Notice and appreciate the little things. Notice sunshine, rain, clouds, birdcalls, sounds of the city.

Sunshine pouring through the trees to come and greet me. Photographed by me.

7. Take a mental image of beauty in whichever form it shows up to you today. Beauty of the weather, beauty of nature, beauty of a person and especially beauty in ourselves.

8. Gratitude. This has to be a part of our lives. We spend so much of our time complaining about nonsense. No judgements I do it too. But I’m also trying to be grateful because there is a lot to be grateful for always. Write down your gratitude.

2020 has taught me this. We are just one second in this universe. And it is our duty to not waste it. To be happy and to let ourselves be happy. To feel like we are entitled to smiles and that we deserve love and happiness.

I hope you will try this with me. Here’s to hoping and creating a better 2021.

Share your thoughts with me. In the comments. Until then- you are amazing and have an awesome day. Lots of love

– anshudha garimella